Indie Pop Duo Now, Now Kept Portland’s Crystal Ballroom Floor Bouncing

WORDS & PHOTOS by Kristina Dawn

Now, Now (comprised of core members KC Dalager and Brad Hale), are nearing the tail end of their tour opening for fellow midwestern indie-rockers Hippo Campus. Playing The Crystal Ballroom on their stop in Portland, OR (a larger scale venue this time around), KC and Brad seemed tickled pink to look out and see a room packed to the brim for their opening set. KC herself making good use of the space on stage, hopping and skipping about like a leaping frog. Playing mostly songs off of their latest LP Saved, including popular singles “MJ” and “Arizona.” Along with crowd favorite throwback “Threads,” off of the previous album of the same name. Now, Now closed with the final track off Saved, “P0WDER,” KC jumping off the stage and into the crowd for what she calls her favorite part of any show, the “cuddle puddle.”

Be sure to catch Now, Now on the remainder of their U.S. tour with Hippo Campus:

Feb. 8th – Imperial – Vancouver, BC

Feb. 10th – The Egyptian Theatre – Boise, ID

Feb. 11th – The Depot – Salt Lake City, UT

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