One Ok Rock Brought The House Down For A Sold Out Vancouver Crowd


March 22, 2019 – Vancouver, BC – The Vogue Theatre

Australian pop punk band Stand Atlantic opened up the show and got the crowd pumped and rocking out along with them. The band was full of explosive energy during their performance. Involving the crowd by having them clap and jump along to some of their tunes. Stand Atlantic made sure to include fan favorite “Lavender Bones”​ off their album ​Skinny Dipping​ which was released in October of 2018. Lead singer Bonnie got the crowd hyped up for fellow touring bands Waterparks and headliner One Ok Rock, filling the room with loud cheering.

Texas based pop punk band Waterparks opened their set with ​”Mad All The Time”​ off their EP Cluster​, pumping the room full of energy as soon as they all walked on stage. Waterparks jumping and singing along with their fans throughout the duration of their set. Frontman Awsten Knight recently dyed his hair red, perfectly matching his vibrant guitar. Playing songs like “Plum Island” ​of their album ​Double Dare​ which was released in November of 2016, and closing their set with ​”TANTRUM”​ from their latest LP ​Entertainment​. Some lucky fans got to snag some guitar picks that were thrown at the crowd after their set, some featuring Awsten’s face, others with Bassist Geoff’s on them.

Japanese rockers One Ok Rock opened their set with ​”Push Back” o​ff of their newest album ​Eye of the Storm​. Right away you could feel the explosive shrieking energy from the crowd. Lead vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi, incorporating their fans by getting them to sing parts of the songs throughout the show. Taka used the stage effectively by bouncing back and forth both sides of the stage so everyone could see him and his glory up close. One Ok Rock played a thirteen song set, including hits like “Clock Strikes” from their album ​Jinsei×Boku=, “Stand Out” off of Ambitions, ​and “Push Back” from  ​Eye of the Storm. ​Their vivacity was so contagious you couldn’t help but clap and sing along as well. At one point, Taka abandoned the stage and dove into the photo pit area to get closer to fans reaching out for the chance to grab his hand. One Ok Rock closed the night with an encore performance of ​”Wasted.”

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