Young the Giant Are Definitely One To Remember

WORDS & PHOTOS by Sydney Kobza

For their last show of 2018, California alt-rock band Young the Giant brought all the energy (and then some) to a sold-out Crystal Ballroom. The room was buzzing hours before the band took the stage as fans raced to use the free photo-booth before securing their front row spot. But finally, to booming cheers from the crowd, Young the Giant took the stage. After opening with the title track from their latest album, “Mirror Master,” the band skillfully weaved between new songs and classics. From “Apartment” to “Cough Syrup” and “Mind Over Matter.” The variety on the 16-song setlist was sure to please both new and returning fans alike. As the set ended with “My Body,” the crowd gave Young the Giant all their energy and jumped together to finish the night strong.

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